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Blocked drains East Malling  for a fixed price 0791 7852384  Chris.

We have been clearing blocked drains in East Malling  for over 25 years.

We are a two man operation with over 60 years experience between us, we have the knowledge and experience which is assisted by the right tools to unblock any blockage you may have,  from a blocked toilet to a blocked sewer drain.

We will simply give you a fixed prices over the phone so you don’t have to worry about any over charging.

Blocked drains East Malling 0791 7852384.

Drain Blocked

There are lots of drainage company’s that charge per hour/half hour which is fine but there are a lot that try to get as much money as they can out of customers by hanging/stretching the job out, some advertise set prices like us but have clauses on their website we don’t have any clauses.

Drain Clearance In East Malling

Unblocking drains is what we do everyday and we get great job satisfaction when we have cleared our customers drain and they are thanking  us for a great service, and you go away knowing if they have problems in the future they would use you again and recommend you to friends.

Bad Smells In House & Drains

If you have bad smells in your house or drains, we can investigate this for you and using our 60 years combined experience trace the source of the problem for you.

What Causes The Bad Smells

There are lots of different causes, most of which are due too blocked drains and faulty pipe work installations.

Because we are both plumbers as well as drainage engineer’s we can spot badly installed/fitted pipe work quickly.

Other Causes Of Smelly Drains

On some property’s we have visited and inspected the drains and found nothing wrong with the pipe work or drains, and after even more time investigating  found dead birds and rats that were decaying and giving of smell.

We have also had the smells under floors that were not practical/ cost affective to lift up and find decaying animal upon which we have advised customer to give it time ie two weeks to see if it was a dead animal and decaying  smells should have worn off if it was a dead animal and this has been proven right lots of times.

Drain inspection , unblock drains 07731 567595.

Blocked Sink

With blocked sinks in East Malling we use three main tools to unblock pipes which are No1 sink plunger which has a lot of suction to help force the blockage out.

No 2 is electric eel / sani snake the electric eel is an electric drill with a big housing / drum which contains a long wire coil of 25 meters which can feed through pipes and the drill can be spun while the wire coil is in the pipe until it reaches the blockage and it will also help clean the blocked pipe in the process.

No 3 is a air ram / kinetic ram this is basically a vessel with a trigger, which can be pumped up by hand with compressed  air and using various attachments it can then fire compressed air very quickly into the plug hole or pipes to force the blockage out, and unblock your blocked sink.

Rats In Drains

Rats in your drains or house, we have come across customers with rats inside their drains and property / house.

And we have advised them on what action to take to stop the rats from getting into their house / property.

How To Stop Rats Getting Into The house

Rats can use your drains like there own personal highway if there are faults in your drain to allow them to do so, as we have been clearing blocked drains for many years now we have come across lots of different customers with rat problems and here below are the three most common problems we come across.

Interceptor Trap

A Interceptor Trap is u bend trap before your drain enters the main sewer, which is most common to be at the end of your drive in  the front of your property in the manhole but it can also run towards the back of your property.

The interceptor has two holes, one for the waste water to go into the u bend and the higher positioned hole is a rodding access point, which should have a plug / cap in hole which can be removed rodding, but if missing allows rats full access to your drains as they don’t like going through u bend with water in it but don’t mind using access point if not capped.

Vent / Air Intake for a MANHOLE

The vent / air intake for a manhole does what it say’s on the tin and is normally a metal box close to the manhole at ground level and is attached to a pipe underground that leads back to the manhole, it’s purpose is to stop the build up of smells /gases and allows air into the manhole chamber and if this is faulty / broken this can allow rats access.

In some address’s we go to the metal box has been taken of and the pipe broken below ground for cosmetic reasons by the house owner, so if you ever come across a four inch pipe in your garden near a manhole you can bet that’s what it is.

Broken Drains

Broken drains will also give rats access and also cause blocked drains on a regular basis.

If You Have A Rat Problem We Would Recommend A Drain C.C.TV Survey Inspection

We would recommend a drain survey Inspection If you have rat problems , so that we can check to see if there are any faults in your drain.

Upon which if any faults are found, we can advise you on the best method to repair the fault / faults.

C.C.TV Drain Survey Or Sewer Survey

We can provide you with a drain / sewer survey using one of the best drain camera’s on the market, which is a self levelling drain camera with led lights which gives us a perfect picture, which is shown to us and you if you wish to watch and shows on our monitor screen while the drain sewer survey is being carried out.

A Clear Drain Survey Inspection Picture

With a clear drain survey picture we can inspect your drains for structural soundness and there integrity as catching small cracks and out of line joint before they get larger is key.

A clear picture is very important to insure a good inspection of your drains is carried out and any fine faults are spotted , as both my self ( Chris ) and Robert have been carrying out drain surveys for many years we would like to think we have very well trained eye’s.

Recording C.C.TV Drain & Sewer Surveys

We can record your drain survey onto a memory stick which you can then view directly on your computer, or we can use the memory stick and download your survey onto our computer and either email it to you or record it onto a dvd and send it to you.

Blocked Drains

When it comes to blocked drains in East Malling  both myself ( Chris ) and Robert are very well experienced drain unblockers and have been unblocking drains for over 25 years for me and 35 years for Robert .

In this time we have done everything from drain clearing to drain installing and a lot more.

Blocked Toilets

Fixed price’s for unblocking a blocked toilet, we have unblocked lots of toilets over the years and we have both got our methods of  clearing then down to a fine art.

Using all the drain clearance tools that we have built up over the years, we have cleared / unblocked lots of toilets over the years that other company’s have said they could not do without taking the toilet completely out which involved more costs and then we have been called and unblocked the toilet without taking the toilet out.

There is a lot of job satisfaction in that and pride.

 Blocked Shower

We clear blocked shower waste pipes using the same methods as described in more detail higher up the page for blocked sinks using three main tools which are.

1 Plunger

2 Electric Eel /Sani Snake

3 Air Ram / Kinectic Ram

Drain Clearing Clearance

When we carry out  drain clearing clearance in East Malling we have a high pressure water jetting unit / machine mounted on the rear of our van, which can unblock your drains and carry out a very good drain clearing clearance using the power of water.

Our high pressure water jetting unit is basically a heavy duty water pump which forces water through an extra strong / enforced hose which has a metal nozzle attached to the end of the hose the nozzle has fine holes, which blast fine water at pressure to clear the blocked drains and clean them also.

Emergency Drain Clearing Of Blocked Drains East Malling

We provide a 24 hour / 24/7 emergency drain clearance service in East Malling  365 days a year, so if you require your blocked drains cleared fast please give us a call.

We have the knowledge / experience and all the right tools to unblock your drain.

Thank you for reading our details.

Chris 0791 7852384.

Blocked Drains East Malling